DayGlo Weave

design and woven by lynne bruning 2006This avant guard red carpet worthy black light reactive evening gown is rooted down in traditional hand crafted textile methods.

Handwoven  8″ long fluorescent fringe teases the horizontal vibrantly eye tingling stripes to attract the paparazzi as well as the high brow fashion connoisseurs.

This is one of a kind original suitable for that special once in a lifetime moment.

What are you wearing to this weekends award ceremony?

Materials | surveyor’s string
Inspiration | non-motile cilia


Honorable Mention | Wearable Expressions | Palos Verdes Art Center |2008
First Place | Transformation and Transgression | Surface Design Association | 2007

Photo | Carl Snider
Makeup | Courtney Snider
Model | Candice

Price: $15,000

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