eTextile workshop waste

We collected some of the conductive thread, copper foil and battery waste from the eTextile workshop at the Surface Design Conference.

How we recycle eTextiles and wearable computers continues to perplex me. I don’t have an answer, but at least I am asking the question!

Article from NYT ‘Could Smart Textiles Prove Toxic?‘ 2 November 2011.

The Environmental Cost of Electronic Fabrics‘ by Jaymi Helmbuch in the TreeHugger Blog 2 Novemeber 2011.

Fashion Victims‘ by Libby Peake in The Best Features of Recycling Resource Blog. unknown date.

more on my blog about metal scraps and eTextile waste from my own studio February 20, 2013.

update 27 June 2013 I just saw this e-Textile waste workshop on V2 website discussing standards, durability, awareness and the bigger picture.  There are slide show links and participant listings to view.

update 5 July 2013 – Philips Life Cycle eTextile product video demonstration in my 5 July 2013 post