Weaving Multiple Layers of Fabric Tie-Ups

Various information on tie-ups for Double Weaves.
from Ursina’s Double Weave book tie-up for countermarch loom page 168
4 Layer Weaver page 168 Ursinas Book
12 Treadle Skeleton Tie Up from Arizona’s Weaving Library (printed on my own purple paper)
Double Weave Universal Tie Up Detail
Double Weave Universal Tie Up
Four layer weave structure and tie-up for a 8 harness loom
Four Layer Weave Structure Tie Up
Four harness skeleton tie-up
Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.25.26 PM copy
Eight harness skeleton tie-up from Cally Booker’s Craftsy Tutorial
Universal Tie Up from Cally Bookers Craftsy Tutorial
Weaving Diagram looks like proto board